Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee is an indemnity policy that covers the loss of property or money directly resulting from fraudulent acts by employees of the insured. The policy is also referred to as a Staff Honesty Policy because it primarily covers the dishonesty of an employer's staff.


The Policy Can Be Arranged in the Following Ways:

Individual Policy

This policy is issued when one employee is covered by name for a specified amount.

Collective Policy

This can be arranged on a named or unnamed basis. For a named basis, the name, duty, and the guaranteed amount for everyone covered by the policy are stated. For an unnamed basis, employees are covered by category.

Position Policy

Positions/designations are typically insured instead of individuals. Positions are guaranteed for specific amounts, ensuring that a change in the occupant of such a position does not affect the coverage.

The policy is generally taken out by employers and plays a pivotal role in the continuity plan of organizations.


Organizations engaged in businesses where cash or stock is entrusted to the care of staff necessitate this type of policy.


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